Our Doctor uses high powered dental loupes (Magnification lenses) that helps to reveal more detail and allows us to do higher quality work. Take a look below:

Your old Dentist’s view…..

Our Dentist’s View:

Which one do you feel allows for a better dental experience?

Digital X-RAYS

We have digital x-rays help protect you and your family’s health. Digital x-rays have a fraction of radiation than traditional film based x-rays.

Electric Handpieces

We use electric handpieces (Drills) for certain procedures. Electric driven handpieces have high torque with less friction that reduces heat buildup on the tooth.pulp(nerve) which can help minimize dental pulp degradation.


We use the Picasso Dental Laser for certain gingival(gum) procedures.

SonicFill Resin and Handpiece

We use the Sonicfill Handpiece and composite(white filling). The handpiece uses ultrasonic vibrations to flow the composite which makes for a more rapid placement that creates less voids than other composites.