We at Shadow Rock Dentistry consider your safety and health our number one priority. In order for us to help keep you safe, we have implemented protocols that are in accordance with state guidelines. Here are our protocols:

1. We discourage any type of walk-ins and we are by appointment only. Please call our office at 303-257-8237 to make an appointment.
2. If you have any symptoms of persistent cough, cold , fever, loss of sense of smell, if you have traveled out of the country or to a highly dense population without proper social distancing, if you were around anyone recently that has tested positive for Covid-19, then please call our office before your appointment as we may have to re-appoint you at a minimum of 14 days after.
3. The day of your appointment , please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment and please call us from the parking lot and wait in your car until we call you to come up to the office when we are ready for you.
4. All patients must wear a mask no exceptions allowed.
5. We ask that ONLY the patient that is appointed come up to the office unless they are a minor or they need special assistance.
6. The front office staff will take your temperature and you will have to answer some written questions on Covid-19. If the answers are fine and your temperature is fine, then we will escort you in the treatment rooms. Again, we ask that only the patient go back into the treatment areas unless they are in need of assistance. If we allow anyone else to be in the treatment area with the patient, that person must be wearing a mask at all times and they will also have to answer the Covid-19 questions and have their temperature taken.
7. After treatment is finished we will make sure there is enough social distancing in the front area of office so we can dismiss you safely. This may cause a little time delay, however, please allow for extra time. It takes time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the office between patients.
8. Again, we have implemented a variety of Covid-19 protocols such as extra-oral suction units (that vacuum the aerosols) , Ozone units that clean the air and Ozone water to clean and disinfect surfaces on top of our OSHA disinfectants we use. We also use the highest levels of personal protective equipment . For more information go back to the homepage and click on “Discover.”
We thank you for your patience and understanding we want you to have a safe, comfortable experience!

Our Office and Operatories are repeatedly sprayed with Ozone water and other Osha required disinfectants and our office is cleaned with OZONE gas nightly.

Our Operatories Have New State Of The Art Equipment to Minimize Bacteria and Viral Spread in Air

This is our new device called an “Extra-Oral Suction.”

We Have Strict Social Distancing Rules

We Take everyone’s temperatures including  the staff to ensure no one with a fever is in our office. We do not have large numbers of people waiting in our reception since we call people up to our office from their vehicles when we are ready. We only allow the patient being treated in the operatory areas unless they are being treated. All patients are required to wear masks.

Our Staff Wears The New Standards in Personal Protective Equipment.

Our Office is Beautiful and Clean

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