Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR)

Dr. Vik Kanchanlal was trained by the founder of the Disclusion Time Reduction therapy(DTR) Dr. Robert Kerstein. DTR is a treatment whereby a digital sensor (T-Scan) is used to measure how your bite comes to together and how the various spots on your teeth touch when you are chewing or grinding your teeth. The forces are seen on a graph and Dr. Vik adjusts those area on the enamel conservatively to balance out the forces on the teeth. This can significantly help reduce the hyperactivity of the jaw muscles and can alleviate pain in the muscles and jaw joint (TMJ). DTR therapy can help with migraines in many instances and also will help the long-term stability and strength of the teeth. DTR can help minimize grinding and wear. Gum recession can also be caused by abnormal forces on the teeth and not only because of hard brushing or periodontal disease. DTR can balance out these forces to help the gum and bone. Ask our staff about this state of the art procedure.

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